Use & Durability

Managing product-use impacts and extending product life.

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Level 1: Build a foundation and set ambitions

G-Star has a clear strategy to reduce the environmental impacts from product use and to manage durability. The responsibility for product durability and the impact during use is assigned to specific roles which can influence senior staff and the product development department. G-Star has a comprehensive product fault and wear test procedure as well as a feedback mechanism to action and implement improvements, resulting in a score of 85% on level 1.

Level 2: Make steady progress

G-Star’s strategy for use and durability includes clear targets for reducing impact on the environment. The brand supports product development teams in creating more durable products, through the provision of training. There is opportunity for G-Star to further educate consumers on reducing environmental impacts from product care and enhancing the longevity of its products. This resulted in a level 2 score of 44%.

Level 3: Adopt best practice

G-Star has an incentivised target system in place to encourage team members to achieve its targets on durability. Furthermore G-Star has a comprehensive programme to improve its product design for increased durability, including testing, supplier and product developer training and corrective actions. There is opportunity for G-Star to support its customers in extending the life span for its products. Resulting in a score of 55% on level 3.

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