Creating more sustainable products, through using more sustainable materials and intermediate processing techniques.

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Level 1: Build a foundation and set ambitions

G-Star is continuously developing a sustainable product strategy with long-term targets (e.g. 100% more sustainable cotton by 2020). During 2016, the brand kept on going working on its Detox commitment with a focus on denim. G-Star tracks the full material composition of its products, including the sustainable material usage. These foundational activities have resulted in a level 1 score of 100%.

Level 2: Make steady progress

G-Star demonstrates to have clear targets related to more sustainable products in its strategy for 2017 and beyond. G-star continue to use more sustainable materials and this year increase its overall use. More sustainable materials are now integrated into 30.4% of G-Star's overall collection. The CR director is responsible for delivering the strategy commitments and is supported by the CR team. The brand provides training to relevant team members (e.g. production and sourcing department) on more sustainable products. This has resulted in a score of 88% at level 2.

Level 3: Adopt best practice

G-Star demonstrates to be a leading member of a relevant multi-stakeholder initiative (ZDHC) and continues to reduce wet processing impacts. There is opportunity for the brand to use more sustainable intermediate processing techniques in its products and to fully trace its product from direct suppliers to raw material. These activities have resulted in level 3 score of 39%.

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