Communicating social and environmental impacts and activities with clarity and completeness.

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Level 1: Build a foundation and set ambitions

G-Star continues to publish its commitments to manage its social and environmental impacts online. The brand's strategy for managing its sustainability impacts cover all material impacts across the full product life cycle. These commitments are backed up by public policies such as G-Star’s Restricted Substance List, Manufacturing Restricted Substance List and Code of Conduct. The breadth of these activities is reflected in a level 1 score of 98%.

Level 2: Make steady progress

G-Star publicly discloses the location of its CMT supplier through its online manufacturing map. G-Stars also publicly discloses its commitments and targets to improving working conditions and reducing its environmental impacts in the supply chain and is actively involved in Better Work Programme, Dutch Covenant on Sustainable Fashion and Textiles and ZDHC. There is room to publicly report on the progress against its targets, at least annually, and in line with the previous years’ performance. There is also room for the brand to disclose how it will reduce its environmental impacts across its own operations. These activities have resulted in an improved score of 65% at level 2.

Level 3: Adopt best practice

G-Star communicates the environmental and social impacts of its products to consumers beyond point of sale to influence consumer behaviour. The brand continues to publish deeper information on its supply chain efforts and has provided the information for two intermediate suppliers. There is room for the brand to disclose the location of more of its intermediate suppliers and to publicly disclose country of origin for highest impact raw materials. Furthermore, in line with the brands activities in 2015, G-Star could demonstrate how it plans, implements and measures the impact of its consumer awareness campaigns. These activities have resulted in a score of 41% at level 3.

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