Use & Durability

Managing product-use impacts and extending product life.

How is this calculated?


Level 1: Build a foundation and set ambitions

G-Star has a clear strategy to reduce global returns and to further address the impacts of use and durability of its products. The brand has a procedure to detect product faults and root causes and it shows how its team builds on past learning. Furthermore, the brand has implemented processes to monitor compliance with quality requirements, resulting in a score of 95% in level 1.

Level 2: Make steady progress

G-Star supports its product development teams with training to improve the durability of products. The brand’s strategy includes clear targets for reducing impact from product use and enhancing durability, monitoring ongoing progress against these targets. There is an opportunity for the brand to further educate its consumers on reducing environmental impacts from product care, leading to a level 2 score of 63%.

Level 3: Adopt best practice

G-Star shows some best practice examples by adopting closed-loop principles while designing Raw for the Planet products. Furthermore, the brand optimises the designed life span of its products with specific projects. The brand could further encourage customers to extend the life span of their products, resulting in a level 3 score of 58%.

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